Snowfall in Mei Lin, Jiangxi Province


As a terrible winter storm raced across America, hitting the east coast with record snowfalls, falling temperatures and flooding, there was also unbelievable cold and snowfall all over China.

In fact, in southern China people anxiously awaited the arrival of snow in places like Guangzhou and Shenzhen, where they rarely, if ever, get to see nature’s beauty in the form of snow.


Mei Lin is small mountain range near the city of Nanchang. During the spring and summer it is a wonderful place to go mountain climbing taking in the beautiful sights of blossoming flowers and rolling bamboo trees.

While the snowfall in Jiangxi Province did not reach the astronomical totals as east coast America, it did present its own set of dangerous circumstances for people living in the Province. I could not get to the top of Mei Lin Mountain due to the dangerous condition of ice on the mountain roads. Still, there were some sights to capture photographically as people endured the brutally cold weather and take in the sights of a rare snowfall.


Mei Lin Mountain is wonderful place for peace and solitude, whether in the winter, spring or summer. As the seasons change I will strive to present other images of this quiet mountain respite.


Mei Lin Mountain can be translated as “beautiful jade mountain or forest”. It truly is a wonderful place to meditate or taking a hike to commune with the wonders of nature.



Xi’an, China. Home of the Terra Cotta Warriors

IMG_0809The city of Xi’an (pronounced shee-an), has a history dating back approximately 3,100 years. It was the eastern terminus of the Silk Road and is recognized as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Before the Ming Dynasty the city was called Chang’an.

While the Terracotta Warriors are known worldwide and are one of the attractions of the city, Xi’an is an extremely cultural city with many sites and locations to see and visit. It is also home to the Great Mosque, established in the 7th Century by Muslim traders traveling the Silk Road. In fact, Muslims were instrumental in the unification if China under the Qin Dynasty.

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Jade Buddha Temple – Shanghai, China


There are many interesting places to see and visit in Shanghai. The cultural diversity offers a fascinating experience that is very fulfilling. The Jade Buddha Temple is just one of the great locations that are a must see, documenting hundreds of years of history.

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Jade Buddha Temple – Shanghai, China

DSC_1828Jade Buddha Temple is one of the top 10 Buddhist Temples in all of China. In the midst of this growing economic center it is still visited by countless devotees offering prayers and supplications.